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Tricktionary The ultimate windsurfing bible


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480 sider alle windsurfere trenger.

With every level taken in consideration the Tricktionary tells beginners about the equipment and guide them through a complete beginner course with all the additional info you'd otherwise have to learn the hard way by yourself. While intermediates can improve their jibes, tacks and 360s - freestyle-enthusiasts will be finally able to follow and learn even the most difficult moves. Windsurfers who want to sail in waves, will find everything they need to know. No matter if you are starting to get into it or if you are already a wave-guru - there is always something to learn!

On high quality photo sequences you can retrace every single movement. Explaining text as well as pre-exercises, problems, proper solutions and Hot tips hasten your learning process!


A complete Basic Windsurf Course (written by Simon Hurrey, and performed by Marco Wedele, both experienced windsurfing instructors),

A lot of equipment knowledge (including timm-guide and board tuning)

A special for "how to get fast" (Slalom, GPS)

Brand new windsurfers fitness and health pages (with Dr. Aly Sabri)

A bignew Wave chapter (written by John Skye)

The Tricktionary 2 features overview:

- Hardcover

- Beachresistant TOP quality print

- 292 pages full color and full of images

- Pictures truly shot in paradise

- Made for every windsurfing level

- Available in German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian (French: Tricktionary 1)

- Fully Tricktionary DVD compatible


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